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Hi everybody,
This is the first Oops...actually the second blog of mine.This blog will totally concern about the missoni products especially for  the woman's shoes as what you guys can see from the title of this blog....
Actually, I seldom use blog in my daily life...But since I heard that blog is very useful, I tried one and I could operate it quite good...But then it didn't work well for my lacking knowledge about blog...
But now, since I've learnt it from my lecturer I can build a better blog.And I'm addicted in it...
This second blog can be successfully made because of my lecturer also...I'm so thankful for teaching me this...So now I can have a blog and I can write whatever things that I wanna write especially about my favourite, Missoni.

Well,why do I use Missonishoe as the title of this blog???That's because I love Missoni and shoes so bad.The reason that I love Missoni is because of its unique and trendy knitwear.Missoni home itself designs a lot of products such as shoes, bags, clothing, outerwear, sweater, accessories, swimwear, jewelry, jacket and so on. these products are not only designed for women but also for men.Missoni itself is a well-known brand in the  fashion world and was founded in 1953 by the Italian couple Ottavio and Rosita Missoni.

Well, I gonna end it up...Hope YOU guys will also like and enjoy Missoni so much or perhaps you guys have any experience about Missoni you can share it with me...Thanks

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